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  • Last year we spoke in length about “Captain of Your Ship”. This year we are being intentional and actionable. Choose YOU! ALL. YEAR. LONG.
  • How is March treating you? Are you marching into MARCH wearing empowered heels and a cape? You should be. Join Char every Tuesday at 1P MST on our YouTube channel here. “I Am Her” video series where Char shares the women who influenced her.
  • Empowerment is in the air this month with sprinkles of creativity. March 1 was World Candle Making Day (check out the video on our YouTube channel showcasing candle company Ivy Candles here), we also dedicated the video to International Women’s Day by posting on social media and sharing the video on YouTube. Whiskey + Talk dives into Women’s History Month! Wage differences, and how to speak up for yourself. We are getting all the coins WE deserve. 💰
  • Whiskey + Talk is Weekly!!! 😱 It’s LIVE in our FB Group so if you miss it, catch up on the replays here! Pinned to the top of the FB Group Page. The dates for March are 03/04, 03/11, 03/18, 03/25.
  • Catch out Char’s latest article here!
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  • 03/04 Whiskey + Talk! 7:15P~~ “Creativity & Ways To Dive Into It” (Via will draw, Char will paint/color and read a poem.) Discuss ways to be creative. Creativity Day and World Candle Making Day is 03/1 🥰 🎨
  • 03/08 Internation Women’s Day! Celebrate YOU, your sisters, and the women you love! VLOG on YouTube Channel here.
  • 03/11 Whiskey + Talk! 7:15P~~ “Let’s Talk $$$ As A Woman” (tips on how to ask for a raise, how to increase prices if you are an entrepreneur, and how to empower yourself) 
  • 03/18 Whiskey + Talk! 7:15P~~ “Let’s Be Irish” St. Patty’s Day Event! (Fun facts about the holiday, Irish beer, and (our version) of Irish nachos!
  • 03/22 “Women’s Contributions”
  • 03/25 Whiskey + Talk! 7:15P~~ “Let’s Talk Ladies” (Discuss influential women that changed our mindset, and inspire us to be better) Char and Via will discuss women who personally influenced them in their lives.