Sis! It’s the end of May…how did that happen? I am not entirely sure, but bring on the summer! I am down for the pool parties, BBQ’s and outdoor events!

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One thing I miss about living in Oklahoma is the barbecue.

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Colorado, you have green chile down to fine art, but BBQ isn’t your jam. Know your strengths. 😉

Mother’s Day was weeks ago, but Via and I wanted to bring you a mother/daughter blog to inspire your relationships. For my blog, I want to share a story. Did I tell you about the time I was a model? (This story is going somewhere..I promise.)

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A friend (Nicole) and I joined a modeling school in high school after attending an open call night. I joined for fun and didn’t think I would get much out of it, but in hindsight, this was a significant crossroads moment for me….more on that later.

This happened during my junior year of high school. I went to school, attended tutoring sessions as part of a pre-college program, and modeled on the weekends 😮‍💨

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The tuition at the modeling school was expensive, but because I enjoyed it, my parents never let me know this was a burden. Modeling was my weekend activity and the other girls in my class were really sweet. Nicole and I bonded with the other seven girls and it felt like a monthlong mall montage with a group of besties’. The modeling school was close to a shopping center and we spent lunch, shopping and eating fast food….you know teen stuff. 🛍

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Via never put me in a box. When I was ten and wanted to be a high power attorney my mom cheered me on. When I was twelve and wanted to be an actress, envisioning my name in lights, Via signed me up for acting classes.

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When I wanted to give up on modeling Via let me make the decision. This period was a crossroads because every summer since my sophomore year I spent it on campus at RSU getting college credit for taking classes. The summer year before I was a senior I had the opportunity to stay enrolled in the modeling school and travel around my state with my other classmates doing modeling gigs. I was really excited about the prospect but knew the time I spent with my pre-college program was almost over. The program I was in selected so many students per year, and there was a chance if I dropped the program to model I would not be accepted the following year.

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Via gave me advice, but she never made the decision for me. I was slightly annoyed, she wouldn’t tell me what to do, but in my older wisdom, I know she was preparing me to make those hard choices. She didn’t stifle me and now we’re running a business together!

I still come to Via for advice and just like then she doesn’t tell me what to do. She lays out the choices, and the benefits of each and we talk it out. It’s one of the biggest life lessons that keeps on giving. We have both grown since I was 17 and I am amazed that we are able to learn from one another to this day.

I hope this inspires your bond with your mother/daughter. Send a text, pick up the phone, or send them a small token of friendship and love.

Remember…you can always call your sister! 💕

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