Course Launching Soon!

The past six months have been a whirlwind. I published another book and I am currently taking a coaching course to become certified as a Confidence Coach. 🥳 I never thought this was where my life would take me, but I am acting like a kid on the biggest roller coaster and enjoying every moment.

red roller coaster
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The image at the top is for a 4-week Confidence course I am launching with a Creativity Coach friend of mine, NēCole. We are thrilled to launch this new adventure to help women pour into themselves, and improve their lives with creativity and self-care. Check out my interview with CanvasRebel here! Want more details? Click here! You can also join our private Facebook Group here!

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Not ready for a 4-week course? Check out my latest mini-book 👇🏽 Link here.

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