Did someone Say Juneteenth? 🫶🏽

It was 90 degrees today. It’s NEVER that hot in Colorado. I was visibly upset. 😭 The sun needs to stop baking me like a cupcake in an oven 😂

I hope the weather where you are is much cooler and if it isn’t, let’s all agree we need a giant pool to float in.

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Summer is jam packed for us! Via and I are taking vacay next month, in August we end Summer with a Back To School Giveaway and this month we celebrate Juneteenth, Father’s Day and a Poetry themed Whisky & Talk!

We are beginning Summer with fun! A special surprise is coming on Juneteenth for our sisterhood. We are relaunching our online boutique on Juneteenth! 📢📢

Via and I thought “what is better than celebrating Juneteenth?” Launching My Sister’s Closet, of course! Stay tuned for promotional emails. We won’t flood your inbox but we will keep you in the loop weekly for products, and dates to look out for!

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June 5th–National Start Over Day!

Read Via and Char’s take on this national day and why starting over is not the end.

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06/08 Whiskey & Talk “Sister Circles” Event!

7:15P MST/8:15P CST

Discussion: Char & Via form a sister circle honoring the tradition of sister circles and empowering bonds LIVE. They invite you to join them on this journey.

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06/15 “Daddy’s Love”

Whiskey & Talk Event!

7:15 MT/8:15 CT FB Live

Discussion: Char & Via honor dad’s and the magic bond. Join us with your favorite drink and let’s reminisce about our bond with the first men in our lives.

My Sister’s Closet RE-launches on Juneteenth!

06/19 End of the month blog Post!

“Juneteenth Shaping Us”

Char will film a VLOG which will be available on the YouTube channel here on day of. Via will write about how this historic holiday has shaped her.

Our pinky-fied logo!

06/22 “Literary Ladies” Poetry Event!

This will be in place of our weekly Whiskey & Talk.

Discussion: Hang with your favorite sisters as we share poetry. Grab your favorite drink and snap your fingers to your favorite poems!

7:15P MST/8:15P CST

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06/29 “Sisters Wrap Up”

Whiskey & Talk Event!

Discussion: Char & Via wrap up the month with Juneteenth, CYS updates and fun drinks! Join us!

7:15P MST/8:15P CST

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