New Year, New Goals!

At the end of the year, Via and I pore over the analytics for our website, newsletter, and everything to see which topics you genuinely liked. It turns out you love Live Videos and Vlogs of us! This year Call Your Sister Blog will have more videos of your favorite sisters! Available on our YouTube channel @callyoursister! Click here to catch up on our past Vlogs!

Char & Via

1/04 First Blog for 2024! 🥳

“Keeping It Real”

Char will blog about this year’s new theme “Keeping It Real”, goal setting, and what is important for her 2024. Via will VLOG from her POV on this year’s theme! Check out Via’s video here! Our clothing store My Sisters Closet is going through a rebrand! The store will be closed until further notice! 💕

1/6 Whiskey + Talk “Keeping It Real 2024” Event

7:15P MST/8:15P CST

Discussion: Happy New Year! Whiskey + Talk is back Weekly! Char + Via discuss updates, the theme for 2024 and fun mocktails for dry January.

1/13 CYS Blog Anniversary Whiskey + Talk! 🥳

7:15P MST/8:15P CST

Char and Via will bake boozy cupcakes, drink Maccalan’s whiskey, talk about the things to come for 2024, and celebrate supporters, open gifts from each other! 🎁

Can you believe we are celebrating 3 years?

1/18 Last blog post of January!

“We 🖤 MLK”

Char & Via will post about their civil rights leaders, including MLK from the past and the present!

stone statue of leader of civil rights movement in washington dc
Photo by Gotta Be Worth It on

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