09/06 First blog of September! ”3rd & 10” Via talks about football and how the game of leather and turf mimics certain relationship traits. Char writes her annual FALL Blog “Char’s Favorite Fall Things” Check out her faves and see what we have in common!

09/09 Whiskey + Talk “Taking Action for Happiness” Event 7:15P MST/8:15P CST

Discussion: Making Happiness a priority, Tips to aim for being good enough (NOT perfect),  Time to do something you really enjoy!

09/16 Whiskey + Talk “Celebrating Your Inner YOU” Event 7:15P MST/8:15P CST

Discussion: Talk about the benefits of play-doh and creativity,  Types of tactile objects to use with self-care,  How ‘Tapping’ works; beneficial or not, and Benefits of using creativity to heal

09/20 Self-Care September! Char will film 3 VLOGs giving advice on how to change your mindset, self love, and self care hacks to maximize your time!

flexible faceless woman lying in child pose on yoga mat
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09/23 Whiskey + Talk “Self Care: Digging deeper” Event! Event 7:15P MST/8:15P

Discussion: Ways to make self-care work for you, What hinders your self-care, How Intentional are you with your self-care?

09/30 National LOVE People Day! 1 Corinthians 13:4-8;13 Love explained, Acts of  Love, 5 Languages of Love

Via will film a VLOG and it will be available on our YouTube channel 09/30!


Due to no participation in the Back To School Contest last month Char & Via chose a random CYS Supporter.

Congrats Azurie!

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