Happy New Year! It’s 2024!!!

At CYS Blog we stray from Resolutions and stick to a theme for the year. Remember last year’s theme? “Being Intentional With You.”

This year we are expanding on 2023’s theme with “Keeping It Real” because our intentions should keep us real! Let’s create realistic goals that we will accomplish. Okay….enough with the puns 😂

One goal that I promised myself I would accomplish before 2023 ended was publishing my poetry. I made a plan to buckle down and get the last few details completed. I wrote my bio for the back page and picked the cover art, I was set! Then BAM! I got the flu.

thermometers on white surface
Photo by Polina Tankilevitch on Pexels.com

Nothing stalls plans like a cold. 😫 I am disappointed I didn’t finish my goal, but I am looking at the bright side of having one goal set in mind for 2024. It’s an achievable goal and I am being realistic with a better time frame. One habit I have is overestimating time. I expect there is always more than there is and it runs out like quicksand before my eyes.

Here are the goals I will be real about this year:

  • Time. It is not infinite, get more organized with managing personal & business
  • Health. It’s hard to eat healthy and I want to be more honest with my struggles and share my triumphs to inspire others.
  • Skincare. I don’t have a skincare routine, I just do whatever and that is not good! The goal for 2024 is to find a skincare routine and stay consistent with it.

What are your real goals? How will you be “keeping it real”?

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