Its National Boss Babe Day!

We have come so far from our first photoshoot (image to the left). I think we tried on four different outfits, after doing our makeup and staging the shots we were exhausted running around the townhouse.

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I never knew how tiring doing your own photoshoot was until that day. I was nervous and didn’t know how the pictures would look, but they turned out better than I hoped. I still use the images …content can always be recycled.

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Remember that.

It blows my mind we have spent the past three years blogging and creating content for Call Your Sister. When we created the website I was unsure where the blog would take me. I have had dreams fulfilled and also pleasantly surprised myself. One surprise is our weekly FB event Whiskey & Talk.

Whiskey & Talk started after the blog was formed, and I wasn’t sure anyone would enjoy it. Two years later, it is my favorite part of our content (besides writing) 😁. It is not easy being an entrepreneur, but it is worth it to build your dream from imagination and gusto. There are still times I think ‘What am I doing?’ that is when I go to Via and she reassures me. People ask me how it works to run a business with my mom. I love it and would not change a thing about our dynamic.

We have a great relationship and I think each of our experiences and points of view helps a broad range of women. We lean on each other when we need it. Support and networking are vital when you are an entrepreneur. You need to vent about your bad days and know they won’t last, it’s okay to be upset as long as you don’t quit. Happy Boss Babe Day!

Read on for Via’s take on Boss Babe Day….



I was talking with a friend about the obstacles we face trying to eat and live healthier. She had plenty of “excuses” as to why she couldn’t. It got me thinking about my road to being an entrepreneur. It was first just a whisper in my ear. It became a dream that started a conversation. Along the way, I had plenty of “excuses”.  

  • I’m too old/busy/tired.
  • I don’t know how to start.
  • I don’t know what I’m doing.
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My dream became a plan that 3 years later is expanding and growing. We are gaining supporters and looking forward to the future. None of this would be possible without faith, support from all our sisters, and hard work. Anything you want bad enough you have to work hard for. 

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Don’t give up or give in. 

Don’t break. Don’t bend.

The world needs your gift.

We need to hear your story. I believe in my dream and I believe in myself.

The Boss Babe is ME!

Remember…you can always call your sister! 🥰

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