Nat’l Starting Over Day

I relate to music a lot. Music has a way of explaining how I feel better than any words. Growing up in Oklahoma, country music is the beat of my soul. I blame the years of blasting Shania Twain in the 2000s from a pickup truck in a Wal-Mart parking lot. 😂

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True story. Yes, I owned a bedazzled cowboy hat at some point. Chris Stapleton is one of my go-to’s for country music and his song “Starting Over” melts me. It’s not because, in the music video, he wears a yellow/blue plaid shirt that reminds me of a lakeside sunset (plaid is sexy to me, yep that is also the Oklahoma girl in me).

Me in my favorite plaid. 👆🏼

The lyrics in the song are inspiring, and remind me of my move to Colorado. Leaving things behind and starting a clean slate, somewhere new.

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People hear the words “starting over” and they immediately think “change”. Anxiety takes over….and you overthink everything involved. Starting over is not bad. When Via and I moved here, we said we wanted to start over. We didn’t realize our prayers were pointing us to starting over from scratch and losing half our possessions. A piece of advice? If you want to start over and pray for that, be very specific in your prayers. Lesson learned and I won’t make that verbal mistake again. 

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Starting over means getting another chance on a different path. When I was in high school, adults made me believe you pick one career that you have in your entire life and you HAVE to know that answer at 18. Wisdom and life have shown me you journey on multiple paths in life. For years I wanted to be an actress, I have been a theatre nerd for most of my life but in college it felt kinda empty standing on stage playing characters I couldn’t identify with. I lost my spark.

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I tried out fashion design, graphic design, business….and it was not my spark.

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I ended up coming back to my true love. Writing.

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Writing gives me my spark. ⚡️

I am happiest when I am with my friends and family, and helping others.

I do that through writing and I would not have realized this if I didn’t follow the paths I did. On National Starting Over Day, what do you want to start over?

Remember….you can always call your sister! 🥰

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