Christmas is my favorite holiday. I think it has to do with December being my birthday month. 🎉 December is more special than the other months.

Save the best for last, last but not least.

December has the final say.

The air sparkles a little more in this month. ✨

The desserts are top tier and have I mentioned the music? 🎶 🎵

Christmas music puts me in a great mood, especially if it’s Jingle Bell Rock or any Christmas songs with Mariah Carey. She is the reigning queen of Christmas music.

My favorite memories are from baking, decorating, football, family, and togetherness—the spirit of community and giving back.

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When I lived in Tulsa, there was a coffee house on Cherry Street (CHOCS) that I frequented. I don’t know if it’s still there, it could be an H&R Block by now 😂. This was around 2008-ish and there were some weeks I visited twice a day. Yes, even back then I loved coffee.

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CHOCS had the perfect local coffee vibe. Their coffee was reasonably priced and the drinks were better than Starbucks. They served unique treats and sandwiches made fresh daily. Outside was a deck and a few fire pits were nestled amongst the seating areas. I was perfectly content sitting in the cold near the fire pit, enjoying a cup of hot cocoa or a hazelnut cappuccino. I miss that place!

The ambiance, the people. It was perfect.

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I haven’t found a coffee shop in Colorado I have fallen in love with yet. It did take me twenty years to find CHOCS, so maybe I need to have patience.

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I hope whatever reasons you have for celebrating, you make it a fun, safe one.

Enjoy what’s left of 2023 YOUR way!

Remember…you can always call your sister 💓

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