I have been using that word abundantly this past month. I talked about giving others grace (self-included) during Whiskey + Talk (8/05), I gave advice on how to change your mindset and have noticed the tsunami effect its had on my personal life in addition to the blog. I am eating my words and it has made me pause in how I treat others in my interactions.

Today is National Be An Angel Day!

A good example of this happened to me three weeks ago. I applied to be a student in a poetry program. The program helps students write and publish their poetry book. They emailed me and requested an interview with me to hear about the program, share my experience and my poetry. Everything was scheduled, and I received an email notification.

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Five minutes before the meeting, I joined the link and got an error message. I checked my email and my interview was rescheduled to the following day while I was at work. I was slightly irritated. More than slightly. I called the direct line for the program director who emailed me and my call went to voicemail. I vented to my friends and although there was disappointment I have learned throughout the years, some things don’t work out for a reason. I chalked it up to bad timing.

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A week ago I was walking home from the gym when a phone number I didn’t recognize popped up. The program director was reaching out to ask if I wanted to be interviewed. I told her what happened and chuckled a bit. She apologized and admitted that she dropped the ball and things on her end got more chaotic…hence the missed and rescheduled appointment.

“….I really have taken up so already so much of your time and I understand if the answer is no. We are still interested if you want to be interviewed.”

I am not sure if I heard a tone of apprehension in her voice, or if I remembered all the times I was put in a sticky situation at work and had to call to apologize to a client. I knew yelling at this woman would not solve my problem. She was trying to make an effort. Objectively, in the end, isn’t that really all that matters? Extending grace to another to get through that complex moment? This was my chance to show up for my actions and share kindness.

I exhaled, “Honestly, things happen… I am still interested in being interviewed.”

On this day, whether you believe in angels or not….”try kindness.” You never know the type of day that another person has had. You don’t have to be the hero, but you don’t need to be the villain either. National Be An Angel Day celebrates acts of kindness to improve others’ lives in many ways.

Be that kindness!

Share a smile!

A laugh. Read more about this holiday here.

Remember..you can always call your sister! 💕

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