S.A.A.M Tips and Resources for Recovery

During April, we have shared our personal stories about Sexual Assault. We have unmasked the event, walked through the PTSD moments and now we start our recovery.

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RECOVERY. Yes. It is possible to recover from the trauma connected to the assault.

Read that again.

We don’t recover from being sexually assaulted. We recover from the paralyzing effects, the damage, the feelings of guilt and helplessness. 

We want to offer us some tips to help us recover from the sexual assault. We will never be the same, but we can grow past the pain. We can find ways to get stronger, fiercer, and more vibrant. 

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Let’s start by dispelling some myths about sexual assault!

You can tell a person will assault you by the way they walk, stand, or talk.
MYTH: There are no definitive details about who will assault and who will not.

You cannot be assaulted by an intimate partner.
MYTH: Most sexual assault is committed by a trusted person.

We have to quickly come to grips with what happened and get help. Talk to Someone. Professionals can help us deal with the feeling of guilt surrounding what happened. Don’t fool yourself, there will be feelings of guilt. Sometimes we have vivid flashbacks. Smells and sounds can trigger us months, even years later. Part of our recovery is to stay connected.

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If you like nature walks, but dread going alone, you can find Nature Walkers in your community.

You used to like Happy Hour with your girls.

As you heal, keep those commitments. It gives us a sense of empowerment. It is important not to follow that impulse to stay hidden. We cannot let WHAT happened define WHO we are.

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let’s talk about safety devices. We know there are more on the market than we can name. A few tried and true ones are pepper spray, mini-tasers, and whistles.

I found some real classy ones. There are pens with self-defense daggers at the end.


There was a Taser that looked like lipstick. I found some cute fuzzy ones, ones with glitter. They are cute, and subtle and may save your life. Check out the website here!

Our TRUTH is we live in a scary world. We need to be safe.

⬆️ Click the pink square to above to access the Damsel in Defense webpage!   

More resources….




https://hotline.rainn.org/online (chat or call)

Remember…you can always call your sister 🥰

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