The past few weeks have been rough. I’ve reinjured my ankle (temporarily), as of now it’s much better, I had a vertigo episode and have been preparing for a move and taking care of everyday life. I had this really cute idea of filming a video blog where I bake Lemon Custard Toast. I filmed it, and hated it, but the recipe is below if you want to try it. The toast was awesome. I think drizzling olive oil and honey on it after is the best thing ever. 

In the townhouse I live in (currently) I have resided for 6 years. I hate moving. Boxes, movers, and cleaning. I need a whole team. Actually, my perfect move would be “me on a beach drinking umbrella drinks.” I would be completely oblivious that I was moving. The movers would box my items, move the items to my new home, and a designer would arrange my new home to be the zen, cozy atmosphere I crave. A few days later, I would arrive at my new home. Perfo! (My new word for perfection)

Instead of sharing my vlog fail, I wanted to share how my springtime is going.The term “new beginnings” fits for me. New place. New computer. New collaborations! When we imagine something new, we often imagine it to be super shiny and perfect.I’m learning that our new might just be different. Not shiny or perfect, but perfectly right for us. What do you think? How is your Spring going?

Recipe here.

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