(originally written 01/11/22)

It’s 2022! OMG! What a year it has been on this journey! This past year was amazing and blessed in so many ways. I started and ended a relationship (VLOG coming next month about the process). I started this blog with Via, was mentioned the news (twice)😁, won 2 scholarships to attend Business Courses to expand my knowledge, and most importantly I met new sisters! I started this to create a sisterhood and inspire others. I feel incredible love from social media to in-person interactions with all that have contacted me.

There are too many to list here! This feels me with immense gratitude. I see you, I love you, sis. Thank you for making Call Your Sister Blog what it is and sharing it with others. Okay…lets wipe the tears and stop the hugs.

Thinking about my journey and a New Year upon us inspired me to motivate ALL my sisters. Enter in Captain of Your Ship. We have 1 life. ONE. One chance to put our mark on the world. One chance for it all. Picture this….you own a glorious ship. It is yours. It is majestic and gorgeous, mirrored by your beauty and confidence. You pick out the crew you want for your ship. You are going on a journey and want the best crew on the S.S. I am Awesome & Amazing! You start on your journey and everything is going smooth as buttah! Fast forward……you look up realizing you are in the galley mopping up a mess….you’re in the pantry organizing the spices….now you are painting the deck along with your crew. Are you picturing it? Perfect!

bon voyage, safe travels, font-5750333.jpg

No…not perfect.

No…not perfect. Who is steering YOUR ship? Who is at the front Captaining? I know that is not a word, but it is in this instance. 😂 Who is doing any of that? Not you! You are in the galley, you are whistling as you re-arrange spices. It is YOUR ship, mirrored by YOUR beauty, YOUR confidence, YOUR abilities. My point is 2022 is here. 354 days until we flip the switch and that will change. Be the master of your universe. Be the captain of your ship.

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Do you want to teach yoga again? DO IT. Have you been dreaming of learning French? DO IT. Do you think you could be the next Tiffany Haddish or Tina Fey? Sign up for Open Mic Night.

Stop mopping, and sticking yourself in the galley of life when you are the Queen of that ship. It’s YOUR ship! At the end of the day, the week, the year….do what makes you smile like a Colgate ad. Before you say “Char I can’t-“

no, refuse, negative-6754668.jpg

Remove the T. You can. Take over the ship and begin your journey, before another moment passes.

Remember, you can always call your sister. ❤🙌

Now let’s hear from Via!



Hello my Sisters! Here is a little something to think about. As we make our way through this journey called life, we make many choices. When we start out, we have no control, no say in the path we take. We are at the mercy of our parents, grandparents, assorted caregivers, and authority figures.
This is our row boat. Someone else is deciding our destiny.

We grow, mature, develop separate identities, thoughts, and beliefs. There are times when we control the direction we go. There are still plenty of times that someone else is in control. We easily get caught up by the winds. We drift some days. We fight through storms sometimes.

storm, pirate, sea-3254676.jpg

We have beautiful, gorgeous days with awesome sunsets and calm seas.This is our Sailboat. We are tossed by family obligations, our own dreams and the winds (circumstances, consequences) of life. Our ride isn’t all bad!
Somewhere in our 30’s, we desire to create our own place in the world. We are not so willing to hand over the reins anymore. We get to decide whom to love. 💕Where do I want to live? Do I pursue a career or education? Do I save money, start a business, invest? Do I get married, start a family, or enjoy my single-ness? Whatever choices we make steer us in a different direction. We often don’t know if our choice is the right one until things go horribly WRONG, or amazingly RIGHT!

My Sisters! You are now the CAPTAIN OF YOUR SHIP! You are now the MASTER OF YOUR DESTINY!
This is when we often make the mistake of taking our hand off the wheel, and voluntarily let the most inexperienced person in our lives Steer Our Ship! WHAT!!Let that sink in! Now that we have the opportunity, the skills, the experience to decide who, what, when, where, and how to live——we stop living for us.

SISTERS! Let us take back who is steering our ship. You are the Captain of your ship! I am the Captain of my ship!

We are not the scullery maid. We are not cooks. Dammit! We are the Captain! We run this! We go where we decide! No one gets to control our journey, but us.

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