I lost track of myself yesterday so I am giving you days five and six as a combo! Think of it as a 2 for $4 at Wendy’s. 😂

Day 5…

I ran a few errands and the beginning of the month is tight for me financially. I am most grateful that I was not only able to help my household with food but also my brother. I am grateful for overdraft protection and being able to pay my rent and afford chocolate yogurt bars for $1.49. Seriously, has anyone tried the Clio Greek Yogurt bars at King Soopers?

white soup bowl with word yum
Photo by Caleb Oquendo on Pexels.com

They are delish and I want a whole case. Clio did not pay me to say this either. This is me bragging about chocolate and yogurt being in one magnificent product.

My gratitude today (Day 6) is friendships. The connections I have whether brief or deeply rooted, I am grateful for them. They contribute to me and who I am, I am grateful for each one I have.

team, friendship, group-4529717.jpg

I am grateful to be connected to them in any small way. I have a great group of friends local and in varying states that pour into me and support me incredibly. A few photos of me and my friends.

Mimosa’s & Brunch! Join us on 11/14.

Who or what are you grateful for? Tomorrow is day 7! Halfway there! November 14th will be our LIVE FB event! Join us! 🖕🏼

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