My faith is a big part of my life. Some of my earliest memories are of seeing my grandmother with her bible and notebooks filled with scriptures. Thinking about that memory now makes me smile because there is always a notebook in Via’s room or mine filled with notes. It’s genetic! 😂

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There have been times when I thought something was wrong with me and my faith. I had these thoughts because I didn’t think God talked to me. Is He mad at me? Am I not worthy? What am I missing? Over this past year my relationship with God has changed; in every relationship you have, the more you try to connect, the better it is. God was not angry with me. He wanted me to talk to Him and pay attention to the messages He was giving me. I think we are given several chances to be guided by Him but just like GPS on your phone if you are not listening to the instructions you will miss the exit.

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I was missing out on the lessons He was teaching me because I wasn’t paying attention.

I am grateful for His discernment.

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I am grateful for His lessons and that I listen to His guidance.

I am grateful for my faith.

Listening to His guidance keeps me safe, and makes my life better.

I am grateful that I have a job where I touch others’ lives if only for a moment.

Smooth sailing and sunshine. Thank you, God!

What are you grateful for today?

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