Breaking The Bias

I have been told I am unconventional, non-traditional, and weird most of my life. I have been breaking the bias. As a black woman in America, I was born to break biases!

I was a single mother at 16. I was told, “You will never graduate from high school.” I graduated early. 

I was told I would live in poverty, have a house full of babies, and never have, be, or do anything.

I bought a home. I raised my children in a loving home with a mother and father. For 25 years, I lived with and loved a wonderful man, of a different race. I raised a bi-racial daughter who is a phenomenal small business owner. My adopted daughter is a Caucasian non-binary trans woman.  I have broken biases!

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Breaking the bias is about creating an environment that supports me as a woman. I give a Shout Out to all my Sisters who are breaking biases and destroying stereotypes! Let’s keep breaking the mold that has defined women for hundreds of years in this country. Let’s keep making all those that want to put us in boxes, scratch their heads and wonder. 

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I don’t apologize for breaking the bias. I am thankful to be included in such a beautiful sisterhood. I am triumphant every time I step on someone’s idea of who I should be. So, dear sisters, I invite you to look at all the ways you have broken the biases about yourself or other women. 

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