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This month is June! How did we wind up losing half a year? Its been a very eventful year so far and I am ready to see what the next six months will bring. 🥳

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This month is African American Appreciation Month and most of our events and blogs will focus on celebrating our culture! Via and I are diving into our past and looking forward to our future. We are creating a family crest and watching Via create a piece of art that will serve our family for generations puts a giant grin on my face. I cannot wait to see how it turns out!

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Last year I looked into what I would need to be a Greek citizen. My dad was Greek and I always wondered what it would be like to dive into that part of my culture. I signed up for a free trial of and stayed up till 2A tracing my lineage. My uncle traced back our family tree on my mom’s side. I knew a few members of my dad’s side, my sister, her husband, my grandparents. I learned my paternal grandmother’s maiden name was BOSS and that made me smile a little.

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When I first started the blog, I was confident we would be successful, but when I recorded video blogs that stopped. I had a severe case of imposter syndrome and after working with a life coach, realized this stemmed from my racial identity and lack of belonging.

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I heard every mean girl’s statement and judgment when I went on camera. Until I faced how I felt and acknowledged I was not those insults I was stunted.

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Feeling excluded from my culture that defined me definitely shaped me to want more. With the insanity of chaos happening in the US (last yr and current) it made me sad and driven to change my residence. I have not made a decision to leave the U.S. yet, as I am still researching what having dual citizenship will mean and if that is what I want. I know no matter what, embracing my identity and culture will be a mission I will take on. Its a part of me.

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I am proud of all of me. All of my culture. All of my ancestors. All of my identity. All of my race. You should too.

Remember…. you can always call your sister 💋

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