This is the last blog post for March! 😩I have enjoyed this month immensely. From Whiskey + Talk on Facebook LIVE where we discussed how to ask for a raise and ways to be empowered. We spoke about women who influenced us to want more to The LIVE Video Series “I am HER” on YouTube. We jam-packed content for you to feel empowered, seen, and accomplished. 🥳💕 

I am HER!
LAST Whiskey & Talk of the Month! 03/25

I am going to talk about two women who influenced me. A person I have a close relationship with and a person who influenced me from afar (celebrity, business mentor, politician). One woman who has taught me empowerment and has influenced me is a former friend Alicia*. We met in 2017 at work and became friends rather quickly. We both loved designer purses, and shopping and agreed Fall was the best season. 

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Alicia inspired me to dress better (her outfits always slayed), gave me tips on domestic flights ✈️(if you are wavering between a 4-day trip or a 5-day trip, always take an extra day), and gave me advice on relationships. She was married with adult kids, which made me feel confident about her relationship advice. We went shopping together (I snagged a pair of suede thigh-high boots on our first shopping trip for 40% off), she was the first friend I called when I got in a car wreck, 🥰 and she helped me stay strong when my mom got sick. 🤕 We enjoyed shots at happy hour, lattes en route to the mall, and brought breakfast to each other at work.

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Alicia is a friend I miss, we lost touch through COVID, and looking at where I am and what I have accomplished, Alicia made me want more. More time to travel ✈️, more quality items, and more fashionable handbags 👜 with matching stiletto boots. Our last outing was to a Lakers game after Kobe Bryant passed away. 🥲 Alicia and I are huge KB fans. It was an amazing night. Thanks, Alicia….miss ya girlie. I am cheering for you with a cinnamon dolce latte. 😉

My faraway female influencer is Tracee Ellis Ross. I have never met this inspiring woman, but it’s definitely on my bucket list. I have loved her since the tv show “Girlfriends” in 2000. I was also 16 and there seemed to be a surge of girl power movies, tv shows, and branding that dominated my adolescence. Maybe that is why I am psyched about empowerment and empowering others? Hmm..perhaps. 

The show that empowered me at 16…

Tracee (as Joan) is portrayed as a strong, independent, female who dominates the screen in any role she plays. I am biased though! She speaks out on social issues, never apologizes for being a single woman, and in 2021 when I started my curly hair journey she launched a natural hair care product line! I know the two things are not related, but it felt like it was. She is funny, intelligent, and gorgeous. She inspired me at 16 to be a classy, strong, brilliant woman and I am all that and more.

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Thanks, Tracee. Keep being fierce. Who inspires you far away and close by? Via and I will have one last Empowerment event before this month ends!

Catch us this Saturday for Whiskey + Talk at 7:15P MST inside our FB group here

Remember, you can always call your sister…💕

*(name has been changed for privacy)

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