This is the last Blog post for March. I cannot believe we are 3 months into the New Year. 


I have had so much fun with Women’s History Month! It has given me a chance to look at all the women of influence in my own life. Women who have been a part of my history. There have been strong women that have influenced me spiritually, in my career, with my family, and in all aspects of my journey.

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 I have a cousin, whose peaceful spirit gave me peace. She showed me how to move through life with courage despite the struggles. My mother, who struggles with her own demons, gave me two scriptures that still carry me. They were, ” I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”(Philippians 4:13) and “no weapon formed against me will prosper.” (Isaiah 54:17).  A case manager showed me that the world was bigger than my own backyard.

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My children helped me have fun and enjoy the moment. The co-worker who helped me be able to work well with others. The relatives, friends, co-workers, and even loud, obnoxious neighbors are all a part of the History of Via. 

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We have been given history lessons by the people in our lives. I choose to take those lessons, even the difficult ones, and learn from them so I become a better version of all their influences. Every influence with every person has left its imprint on me.

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 Who am I influencing? Am I being a light in the lives of others? How can I move through life and be a part of someone’s history? Let us challenge ourselves to bring the best version of ourselves to each person we encounter.

Remember, you can always call your sister 💕

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