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I was born into poverty. My destiny was written on the faces of my relatives and my neighbors. I was poor, black and living in the projects. Every day I was reminded of what my life would become.

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Unwed motherhood. Unfinished education. Unmarried with a house full of kids. Getting abused in one failed relationship after another. Waiting for the guv’ment check. I was just supposed to accept this as my life.

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EXCUSE ME!? Whose life is this anyway? What about my dreams? What about my goals?


Everything around me was supposed to convince me that this was “ doing okay for a black woman”. All around me, my friends had dreams of being declared disabled to get a check. Some friends wanted a man with a good job, (not a good job themselves). Some were creative in their efforts to live off someone, anyone, a relative, a really bad relationship, etc.


Then someone came into my life that began to show me a different outcome. I was introduced to a world outside my backyard. I played tennis, but not very well. I went swimming and roller skating. I COULD choose a different life! Of course, I made some mistakes along the way. I did have a baby before marriage while in high school. BUT, I graduated from high school 4 months early. I moved from the projects and broke the cycle of physical abuse, limited education, and failed relationships.


I have traveled! I have a degree! I married a man who was a wonderful husband and father! I have children who give me joy and make me proud! I owned a home in Oklahoma! I have loved fiercely! Lived independently! Lost the greatest loves and friends I have ever known! 💔

My biggest dreams have come true with hard work, faith, determination, and support. I missed some opportunities. I stumbled through some places that I made harder. I ducked and ran when I should have stayed. But….


I know my sisters have their Triumph Stories. Let us hear about your journey. Comment. Like. Share. Remember…you can always call your sister! 💕

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