When I first started building my business I was in pain. I was desperate for community in a way and in that desperation, I built a community that supports women. I needed to heal and instead of healing I threw myself into work and my website. Since January 2021 I have grown, healed, and climbed metaphorical mountains I did not know were possible. I gained newfound strength and resolve that I was unaware I had the power to gain. During my search to turn my pain into power, I joined business groups, clubs, Zoom meetings all of them.

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I was looking for my tribe. I needed to know how to build a community! I wanted all the help.

I received help in droves. I spoke with call after call connecting with individuals interested in my cause and just starting out like me. A lot of the connections I made are still people I talk to on a regular basis. Some of them I talk to weekly, others we check in every few months. The amount of times they check-in isn’t relevant. It’s the beautiful fact that we are able to come together no matter the distance to cry, vent, laugh, and celebrate our accomplishments.

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I struggled with my writing for this specific blog post for a bit trying to figure out which direction I wanted to go. In hindsight, I think that is because being an entrepreneur is much a part of my identity as much as my blackness or the unique way I treat people.

It’s Black Entrepreneurs Day! (10/24)

I want to empower and encourage and it reminded me of my start.

Just in case you are reading this and wondering.. “Isn’t entrepreneurship is dying, how do you compete with Amazon?”


“The majority of entrepreneurs are not black-owned, how do you compete?”

Ha! I have facts on my side. If you know me…you know I love facts. 🥰

Black business owners own over three million businesses and employ almost 1.2 million people. (As of Feb 22, 2023 from the U.S Census Bureau) Click here to read more!

A friend tagged me in a post on social media yesterday and it really touched me. She talked about support, how much I have supported her, and she thanked me for being me. Seeing that brought tears to my eyes. I don’t think anyone has thanked me for being me. When you go through life you are not told who you touch. Yes, you will get recognition but when someone retells a story of your kindness or the special way you treated them….most of those times we are not in the room. We are miles away and have no idea of the impact.

It makes me smile when I see that impact and I doubt I will ever get tired of it. I know we can empower each other. I know we can show society that WE can be amazing entrepreneurs….

We can be loving, professional, and kind.

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We can enhance and grow our black communities.

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We can be better than our ancestors could even fathom for our future legacies. 🖤

We can be BLACK and ENTRENEURS and INCREDIBLE all in one fell swoop. Imagine what your journey will be in 2 years. 12 years. 20. If you are thinking of taking the leap into your passion, it is never too late. You have a whole community waiting to cheer you on. 🎉

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