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Welcome to our Annual Gratitude Event! 📢

This year has flown by and now the gratitude event is here! I’m excited and anxious about what lesson I will learn from this year. I hope you get as much out of this event as we get creating them. Let’s jump in! My gratitude for today ….

I am grateful for grace from strangers. Today, Via had an optometrist appointment. It was a referral from her primary care physician and they advised us of the address. We arrived and were told the location moved a month ago.😤

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I called the optometrist’s office because, at this point, we will be late. Most doctor’s offices I have dealt with only allow you a five-minute grace period before they have to reschedule you. I called fully expecting to have to reschedule the appointment. The person at the front desk apologized and gave me the correct address a few miles away.

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She assured me we could still make the appointment. I relieved a sigh of relief and we ventured on. In being Via’s caregiver, I wear many hats in our relationship.

There is Boss Hat, Daughter Hat, Care-giver Hat, Sister Hat.

I appreciated the front desk woman making my day less stressful and smoother.

Thank you. 🙏

What are you grateful for today? 🫶🏽

Let’s dig deep.

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2 Replies to “Gratitude Event ~ Day 1”

  1. Today I was very grateful for our mechanic shops. We had a customer that needed his car done by today and it was looking bleak. I called the shop, let him know the situation and he put our customers car up front so it would be done first. Our customer was so thankful and it did my heart good to see someone leave my office with a smile.

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