Cheetos & Wine

Remember when I mentioned that I learn a lesson yearly with our Gratitude Event? Welp….I think I am starting to see what that lesson is. I know today is only day 2 but it’s clear my patience is being tested. 😂

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My PT job can put me through the wringer 😭. I don’t think it would have been as bad if I meditated before work but I didn’t. My head space was still not 100% recovered from yesterday and my body and mind were in a semi limbo that did not match up. I tried to push through, but most of the people I dealt with were aggressive and that emotion got stuck to me like a command strip.

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I needed self-care. I knew I did. I felt it….but I felt more comfortable being upset, isolating myself, and doing the behaviors representative of Old Char.

I don’t need to work out.

I am running errands on Saturday and that will be my cardio.

I want to retreat and stay in my nice little apartment cocoon.

You know….all the excuses.

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I refused to give in to old habits and got myself to the gym. Post workout I am glad I pushed myself. I needed self-care and my top self-care is working out. My gym is my zen-happy-place and I always feel much more refreshed after a gym session.

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<< I enjoy listening to 90s hip-hop while I play basketball.

Today I am grateful for self-care, I am grateful for growing through my struggles and recognizing that today wasn’t a good day, but I knew what I could do to make it a more bearable day. I am grateful for my strength and resolve to take care of my physical and mental health. It’s also okay to end the day with Cheetos and wine. Especially when it’s clearance wine at the grocery store. 😉 🍷

What are you grateful for today?

Join me tomorrow for Day 3!

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