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In my twenties, I worked in retail. I enjoyed the morning shifts and arriving before the store was awake. There was a still calmness, almost a peace… from the time I arrived, till the store opened. Before the glaring lights, shoppers, and expectations. Taking in the quiet, still, moments is a rarity that I treasure, although they are sparse the busier I get. Today I was grateful for the still silence.

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The ability to be self-aware and know what you need emotionally is a trait we often take for granted. I had a rough morning, so during my lunch break, I reflected on my day thus far and how I wanted my afternoon to go. I did a few deep breathing exercises when I started feeling the stress of my day creeping up and went for a walk after work.

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We are overwhelmed daily by noise from everywhere! Traffic, neighbors, passing conversations. We should all indulge in radio silence, and unplug. Have a reflective session to listen to what your body needs. Maybe it needs silence, stillness, or a walk. Or all three.

I enjoy listening to music, especially when I work out. It helps me focus on the songs and helps my workout go longer. After my workout, I head for the RECOVERY section of my gym and go to the sauna. The one rule I have is to leave my headphones in my locker before I head to RECOVERY. Classical music is playing in that section of the gym and I want to fully immerse myself in RECOVERY. I spend time in the sauna, then head to the massage chairs, and enjoy lastly the compression boots. It’s serious heaven on earth.

Compression boots make my calves feel like I am walking on a cloud.

Today I am grateful for still silence. I am grateful for listening to my body and the lessons that come with it. I am grateful for appreciating silence and embracing it with a hug. 🤗

What is your gratitude today?

Join me tomorrow for Day Four!

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