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How are my sisters doing after 4 days of gratitude? I am starting to like these gratitude pop-ins as I reflect on my day and share it with you. Today has been the best part of my week. I had plans with my friend Kaley* and we met up in the afternoon for a Christmas Festival. I was so excited I pre-planned my outfit and rocked my favorite plaid sweater and burgundy boots. Did I mention I love all things Christmas?

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Kaley is one of my favorite people. I love her. 💓 We met in 2018 and really clicked. Our shared love of Selena Gomez, Macklemore, and sports connected us.  She is one of those rare people I can vent to and express exactly how I feel knowing she understands me without judgment.

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We hadn’t hung out in a while and it’s always fun when we do. We literally scream like we haven’t seen each other in decades each time. It’s ridiculous, but that’s us. 😂

I needed to laugh, drink, and engage socially. 

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Every woman needs a tribe she can laugh with 👆🏼

It was amazing A++, 10/10 like always and I am grateful to have her in my circle. 

I am grateful for friendships new and old. I am grateful for conversations about Marvel vs DC. (They are much needed!)

I am grateful for Christmas conventions and samples of wine and dip. 

I am grateful for giant blue bears and comfy seats. 

Tell me sis! What are you grateful for today?

*name changed for privacy

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