Happy Sunday! Today is day 5! 🙌 Pat yourself on the back, the first week is usually the toughest.

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Sundays are usually ‘family day’ in my house. No work, not even for the blog. Via and I watch football, I cook dinner (tonight: Parmesan burgers with garlic aioli), and I prep my breakfast and lunches for the week. I sleep in and indulge in lounging on my couch wrapped up in my softest blanket. This reset is much needed before I start my week again.

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Thanksgiving is a few weeks away, I cherish these moments of rest. We all need rest and I am grateful for allowing myself to rest without feeling guilty.

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I deserve rest.

You deserve rest.


Today I am grateful for rest. I am grateful for meditation. I am grateful for giving myself permission to rest. I am grateful for comfy blankets, football, and family time.

When was the last time you rested? 🛌

Share your gratitude…and remember you can always call your sister 💕

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