Monday = Bro time

This is my ‘are you kidding’ smirk.

Sundays are family day, but my brother can’t catch up with us until Monday. My Mondays are rather insane, schedule-wise. I get off work, attend a Zoom meet-up with my business bestie, and then have a therapy session. After therapy, I am done with socializing. Seeing my baby bro after a chaotic Monday is the best ending to my day. Sibling time! He’s the funniest person I know. We laugh, watch Monday Night Football, and eat dinner.

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Laughter, good food, and company make me sparkle with joy.

I’m grateful for Mondays and the fun memories I am creating with my family.

I am grateful for my brother and all the memories we have and are yet to have.

It’s an extended family day and I am fine with that.

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Aren’t siblings the best?

Morning Headaches

Every once in a while I wake up with a headache. Aren’t they awful? My PT job I work from home (another gratitude) and having a headache from screens is an unfortunate reality when you spend six hours staring at a computer and then jump into business tasks. I take time breaks in between my screen time, but I am used to the nag of a headache. Who can relate?

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My headache lasted most of the morning until an hour before my shift ended, I noticed my head was no longer throbbing. I am contributing the headache to being dehydrated ted. It’s dry in Colorado and no matter how much hydration I give myself, my body demands more. πŸ˜‚

Today I am grateful for hydration. πŸ’¦

I am grateful for mornings without headaches because they help me appreciate the ones with them.

I am grateful that I reach for food and water before reaching for a Tylenol bottle. πŸ’Š

I am grateful my body gives me signals when I am not well, so I can treat it better.

I am grateful for smooth days because it could have been worse. 🫢🏽

What are you grateful for?

Tomorrow is Day 8! Keep up the gratitude!

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