Happy Juneteenth! (Whether you celebrate or not!)

Hey sis! It’s June! πŸ™ŒπŸΎ I have been rocking shorts and sunglasses like a boss lately. Is it 90 degrees everywhere or just in Colorado?

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Summer to me means concerts and festivals! Scream singing the lyrics to music is a love language to me. πŸ’– June means Juneteenth! I have fond memories of attending Juneteenth festivals when I was a teen. Listening to LIVE Jazz and R&B music while I reconnected with friends and family. It was tradition. We did not learn about Juneteenth in school.

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Instead, we relished listening to our parents, grandparents, and neighbors with great interest as they explained the importance of the holiday. Then…..something miraculous happened sis. They declared Juneteenth a Federal holiday on 06/17/2021! As a black woman hearing, this elated me! We wanted Juneteenth to be seen as a Federal holiday.

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Honestly, we just want to be seen. Therefore… I STILL celebrate. It is about the sacrifices made. The small freedoms we have from our ancestors aren’t lost nor forgotten.

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