I did not know my Father. He rejected me before my birth and years later when there was an opportunity for us to connect, he rejected me again. Another story for another time.

My “Father” was Mr. William. He came into my life when I was 14 by way of my mother. He was the most stable, longest relationship I ever remember my mom having. Even when their relationship ended Mr. William remained a huge influence on me.

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He was a Chef at a high-end restaurant and worked crazy hours. I would stay awake and wait for him to come home so we could eat shrimp and watch ‘rasslin (wrestling). I HATE cooked carrots! Mr. William would make carrots that smelled too amazing to pass up. I still HATE carrots! We would listen to comics like Richard Pryor and Mom’s Mabley. I know I am old. LOL

I learned to drive his Ford LTD.

He taught me how to check the car fluids, and how to change a tire. Mr. William taught me to shoot pool and bought me my first pool cue. Mr. William taught me lessons about fathers and daughters, about men and women.

Mr. William was there when my heart was broken by a silly boy.💔💔 He comforted me when I told my mom I was pregnant. He drove me to the hospital the day my daughter was born.

My father never taught me anything and for that, I am grateful because Mr. William not only taught me but he showed me. He showed me compassion, love, friendship, respect and valuable auto skills. Mr. William was a steady comfort during a very hard time. There was no drama with him. My family was full of drama and turmoil but Mr. William was a lighthouse in the storm.

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