Ok! Let’s start with this: I LOVE FOOTBALL! College and NFL are my favorites, but I will watch 8 men, flag, and Peewee football. My friends and family are well aware that I am unavailable if there is a game on.

In football, 3rd down and 10 is crucial for several reasons. Without gaining the yards needed for a 1st down, the offense (team with the ball) has to kick the ball to their opponent. There is a 4th down option, but coaches and players try to avoid 4th down. On 3rd & 10, the offense is looking at having to move the ball 10 yards to get the promised 1st down.

This journey through Life gives us challenges. Sometimes we are on offense and the ball is ours. We call the plays and move down the field. We are smashing through tackles, we have blockers doing their job and let’s face it Life is good. We are getting first downs and headed for a touchdown. All of a sudden some mammoth tackle grabs us and we hit the ground. HARD. The wind is knocked out of us and we try hard to focus.

We look around wondering what the Hell happened. Then we realize Life has an opponent. The enemy of our souls stands waiting for us. Just when we are about to celebrate a success or revel in a victory.

Let’s talk about some of those knockdowns. We get a new job, the car breaks down the day before we start. We are happily married for years and our mate divorces us or cheats or dies. We finally got that degree and no one is hiring in our field. We have had a friend for years through all the ups and downs who suddenly doesn’t want the friendship anymore.

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These are 3rd down and 10 moments. These are the times, we lay gasping on the field tears streaming down our faces. These are the times, we wish we were a child and someone will pick us up and comfort us. The first down seems so far away. We wonder if we can get up. We wonder what we will do after we get up. How can we go on?

What’s surprising is we do get up. We get up on our own or we get up with help, but WE GET UP! We limp to the sideline and take a break. We get a second chance. The sun will come out tomorrow. ☀️

We brush ourselves off and we keep going. We do brave and courageous things every day. We take the bad times and make something good happen.

Just like football, there is always another 1st down.

The game isn’t over.

We still have time to score.

We score when our children look at us with love-filled eyes.

green grass across beige red open sports stadium during daytime
Photo by Juan Salamanca on Pexels.com

We score when we reach a personal goal.

We don’t need the applause and accolades. 🖤

We are the cream that rises to the top.

We keep surprising ourselves with our triumphs. 🎉

We play to the end and walk with our heads held high to the locker room.

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