I want to share THREE areas in which Self-Care is important to me as I mature. The first is physical. I recently found out how vitamin-deficient my body was. Vitamins are an important part of my physical Self-Care. With my age, it takes me longer to get out of bed and start my day. I begin my day, stretching my arms over my head, up towards the ceiling, and down to my sides.

I focus on my breathing. I begin to pray and praise my Creator. I then stretch my legs, rotate my feet, I pull my legs up to my chest, then stretch them out as comfortably as I can. I sleep curled in a ball so stretching long and slowly really helps work out the kinks. I then sit on the side of the bed to stretch my neck, shoulders, wrists, hands, and fingers. Lastly, I stretch out my legs and bend from my hips, I try to touch my toes.

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I pay close attention to my breathing because I have a habit of holding my breath. I am fully relaxed now. All my joints are cooperating and I am ready to stay my day.

The second part of older Self-Care for me is mental. It is very important we don’t allow our minds to become idle as we grow older. For me, I follow a minister who has a daily message. It starts with praise and worship, prayer, and then a word to inspire listeners. It is so important for me to begin my day with prayer and praise. I encourage you, dear sisters, to find time in your day to meditate, pray, and reflect on all the great things and people that are in your life.

Being Social! 💕

The third area of Self-Care is social. I have recently found out how important having a social life is. As we get older a lot of us start to isolate ourselves. Our bodies hurt. We get locked into being alone or lonely. It gets easy to turn down invitations to be out with friends. As much as that is tempting…let me encourage you, sisters, maintaining social contact is necessary. We need those times with others.

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We need to catch up.

We need to have new experiences.

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We need the love and support from those who love and support us.

Let’s support and encourage each other as we get older so that getting older is a pleasure not a chore.

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  1. I love the different perspectives. It is refreshing to have the different generations opinions. Keep up the good work.

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