The number 222, (today’s date) is referred to as angel numbers. These numbers are a sign of balance and harmony. They are to remind us to seek balance in our connection to the divine. In most movies, at some point, the hero or the protagonist will ask, “do you trust me?” or some variation of this. Here is my problem, I met you 4 minutes ago. No! I don’t trust you.

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Psalms 146:3 tells us, “Do not put your trust in princes, in human beings who cannot save.” We often say, “trust is earned” then we rush into relationships, or rush to make a purchase, or hastily accept a job offer, based on the unsubstantiated word of …..who? So how do we begin to trust, believe, and have confidence in our decisions… in our relationships…. in our career choices? 

For me, it goes back to balance and harmony. If the job I have is full of toxicity, anger, and confusion, I am unbalanced and out of harmony with my Creator. If the friendship, marriage, business partnership, or relationship I am in is full of unmet needs, anger, and loneliness, I am out of balance and there is no harmony. Where am I placing my trust? Do I blindly trust that someone else will know what’s best for me? Am I placing my trust in the same person that has let me down time and time again? Have I continually shown up at a job that leaves me frustrated, angry, and questioning all my life choices? 

I believe that we were created to be successful. Where are you on the road to success?

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We were created to thrive in our relationships, our communities, and our personal lives. We were created to surround ourselves with people that are supportive, loving, and genuine.

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I have to trust ME. I have to believe I am fully capable of making the right choices and decisions. I am led by my ability to know, in the knowledge of myself, what is best for me. Read more about angel numbers here!

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  1. I love this article it was amazing ! 222 is one of my favorite Angel numbers I’ve been seeing it lately for the last couple months. Balance is being restored for all of Gods children and it feels amazing

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