Today I am most grateful for self-awareness.

Being self-aware can be hard. I have learned through my therapy journey that being self-aware like anything else takes practice. I am grateful that I am more self-aware than I used to be. This is something I practice so often that I do not even realize I am doing it anymore. It has become a part of me like my DNA is a part of my body.

This has helped me to become a better person mentally and physically.

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Being self-aware helps me identify when I am on the cusp of having a bad day and use (good) coping skills so I can turn the day around. Meditating, music, and journaling. This helps me to be the best Char for everyone who needs me. Do you practice being self-aware? What are you grateful for? Tell me below! 👇🏽 4 DAYS LEFT! We are celebrating with a Brunch of All Ages!

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