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I have always been a very independent person. It’s not to say that I do not rely on support from others, I am just capable of handling things on my own majorly speaking. Being Via’s caregiver, daughter, and business partner our relationship is quite multifaceted. The past year or so she has become more independent with her health getting better which is such a blessing!

However, I have been wearing the caretaker hat since 2017. That is almost seven years of taking care of someone else’s needs. I am loosening the reins and adjusting our relationship often and sis, it’s hard. 😒 I imagine it is similar to being a parent and your child is now a teenager wanting the freedom to make independent choices.

“Um I am your mom, what do you mean you want to go to the mall alone?”😱

Yesterday was one of those lessons. I had to pick up a new phone from T-Mobile and I absent-mindedly left the store before all my apps downloaded. I went to Walmart and did some shopping then checked out. I pulled up the app store and tried to download my Uber app and because I was at Walmart the wifi was glitchy. If you have T-Mobile you know how lovely their mobile internet is. It has the speed of the internet from the early 2000’s. I don’t know if it was because I was at Walmart (I have never had a good signal inside a Walmart) but it wasn’t working. 😂

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My first thought was to call Via and ask her to call me an Uber but I didn’t know if that was something she could do without running into issues. I weighed my choices and had an internal dilemma with myself. God and I had a deep conversation as I was standing outside Walmart and I swallowed my doubts and called Via. A few seconds after our call ended I received a text that my Uber is on the way. I smiled, relieved and also really grateful because there was a time when I could not have called her.

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I can always call Via. That is never the issue, but one of the side effects of her autoimmune disease is brain fog, and remembering simple steps for things can get mixed up. I understand and am patient with her, but in the situation I was in, I was not sure if she would be able to get it done. It felt nice to get rescued by my mom and trust her to be independent and handle it.

How do parents handle teenagers? 😂

I am immensely proud at how far Via has gone with her health progressing.

I am grateful for being independent and being able to get support when I need it.

I am grateful for technology, even if it fails me outside Walmart.

I am grateful for my new shiny phone and being able to get a replacement so quickly.

I am grateful for the little things we take for granted.

What are you grateful for today?

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