Unclutter Me

woman using laptop on the floor
My room wasn’t this cluttered, but close.

I try to keep up on my to-do list for the week, but some weeks are better than others. Several weeks ago I looked around my room and realized my WFH space for work needed to be more organized. I decided if I moved my bookshelf into the corner of my room that would open the room up more. I have a small table currently in that corner, but I could switch out the table cart that my work laptop sits on for it. I would have more space for my work folders and miscellaneous items.

Sounds simple right?

In order to do this I needed to remove everything off my bookshelf and the small table, then get everything moved and organized. I finally stopped procrastinating and got it done. It took almost three hours but I really like the setup now. I kept thinking why did I wait so long? 3 hours. Marvel movies are usually 2 hours long. How many times have I watched Iron Man kick a** instead of decluttering my space? Also, why did I have two copies of the book?

How many times have you stared at a project saying “it’s going to take too long and I don’t have the time/energy/etc to get it done”?

I am grateful that I actually followed through so my Monday would be less cluttered.

I am grateful that God gave me the wisdom and energy to accomplish a task I was avoiding.

I am grateful I am able to WFH.

What is your gratitude today?

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