Let’s be real.

In order to get to the realness we need to go back in time…to the year 2010. 11 years ago I was dating this guy who at the time I thought was “the one”.

2010 me

We were engaged and I was in that blissful state that every woman thinks she is in when in love. Looking back, I know that was one relationship in my guidebook of love, but not a true example of love, if that makes sense. I believe you have different loves in your life and they help guide you toward your ultimate love. As we get older, our wants evolve, and what we want in a relationship and how we want to be loved changes.

Let’s go back to the time machine that is this post. It’s 2010 and I’m in love, I’m happy (I think) but I’m not real. It’s funny how we try to convince ourselves of something, no matter the reality. You know that thing you do when you’re interested in someone and lie about your interests? If not, then you are a very self-assured woman and I tip my hat to you.

In 2010, I was not that woman. I behaved this way throughout most of the relationship.
“Do you like soccer?” Damon* asked
“Omg I love it!”

sky sunset field sunrise
Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels.com

The next day I am at Walmart looking for soccer jerseys and memorabilia to decorate my apartment. A relationship built on plastic truths will tumble like a deck of cards. And it profoundly did. I was upset, but I learned.
Being a FIERCE FEMME means embracing the “realness” of you. Growing into the person you want to be is an amazzing feeling and I wish this for all my FEMMES.


Free to be REAL. What does that mean?

R is REALIZE. Everyone doesn’t GET you. That’s ok. If everyone “got” you, where is the room to be exceptional?

E is EXCEPTIONAL. Take a look at yourself. You can bring forth LIFE! You rise from the harshness of life like a Phoenix.

A is AWARE. You O’ bearer of life is becoming aware of how phenomenal you are. You are just touching the tip of your fierceness.

L IS LOVING. Loving you. The REAL you. The you that has been waiting to be REAL. Love the journey. Love the hills. Love the valleys. Loving the “you” it has taken this long to find.


*The name was changed.

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