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I am not into numerology as it is, but I recognize the importance of numbers in the Bible. 2023 can be combined to become the number seven. In the Bible, the number seven represents completion.

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Let that sink in.

I am more determined to be completely intentional in everything I do this year. On purpose and with intent, I will be present in my relationships old and new.

I will, on purpose take care of my needs as well as the needs of others. With intent, I will become more than I was last year. That is the challenge.
For the month of January, I promise to call my sister once a week.

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I will join my brother’s morning prayer on Saturday.

I am taking baby steps so I can be successful. These may seem like minor acts to you. I hope by the end of January, I will have grown spiritually and strengthened a relationship. Leave a comment with something you will Step-Up and do on purpose. We are stronger together, let’s support each other Intentionally.

Remember, you can always call your sister 💕

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