I meditate every day. 

It’s not a practice I have done my whole life. In 2021 I joined a meditation group and I learned how effective meditation can be. I’ve tried meditation before, but I don’t think I fully was in the moment and mindful of being still. That is a big part, of allowing yourself to let go. 

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It’s not only the simple act of letting go or being more mindful that has changed me. 6 months ago I started a morning routine, taking the advice of a friend (in the same meditation group). It opened my eyes to how I approached starting my day. Hopping out of bed and rushing to get my day started was not peaceful nor helpful for my mental health. Setting aside time for my morning and embracing the day in a nurturing mood has calmed me, allowing for more focus and clarity. 

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It’s 2023! 🎉🎉

My word for this year is “intentional.” If I could sum up my word for 2022 it would be “transformative”. It was a positive year, and although it had its challenges, it was a year where I transformed into the woman in front of you. We started the year with “captain of your ship”. I steered that beast of a ship all year long! 

boat, ship, sailing-4418919.jpg
Dinged up, but still ocean worthy.

It’s one thing to make a plan or speak an idea, but to enact what you believe in will move mountains. Maybe your year did not go as well. Did your ship end up in the Bermuda triangle? Did you crash on the rocks? Did you barely leave the dock? 

Great news! 

It’s a New Year and you have another chance at being intentional! 365 opportunities to get it right.  

Did I experience peace the first time I meditated?

A little bit. 

Did I tap into that peace when I lost my temper?


Did my morning routine always go smoothly? 


woman in desperate and anxiety sitting alone
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Consistency. I kept at it. And at it. On good mornings. The rushed mornings. The crying mornings. It centered me and I felt myself growing each day. 

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Be intentional. 

Steps To Be Intentional

  • Set a schedule!
    • My morning routine saves my sanity. No matter how crazy my day gets, that is the same. Keeping a routine keeps you focused and on a constant goal. When life throws you a curve ball your routine will keep you grounded.
  • Make actionable steps you know you will take!
    • If you are not a morning person don’t force a routine that doesn’t resonate with you. Try a nighttime routine to Zen out before bed. Switch it up! Create a routine that works for you with minimal stress.
  • Be honest!
    • I started my workout routine again today and after five minutes my body told me “enough”. That’s okay. I can’t remember the last time I did cardio. Don’t expect to blink and see the changes. The more you take action to improve yourself the easier it will be. Tomorrow I’m trying for ten minutes. 💪🏼
  • No Comparison! 
    • “Well Paula works out three times a week and if I want to lose this weight I HAVE to do that too.” NOPE. Comparison is the thief of joy. I heard that at a networking event and it’s my most often-used quote. You are not Paula. If you want to better yourself with fitness way to go! It is YOUR fitness and YOUR journey so it won’t look like Paula’s routine. Do not let your victories be stolen by comparing yourself to someone else.
    • It’s your schedule. Your intentions. Have fun with it! 

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