In celebration of Black Entrepreneur Day…..


I give you Props! 🫶🏽

Starting a business is hard. Starting a black business is very hard. Most of us were told growing up, “Follow your dreams”. We were NOT told about the disappointments, the rejections, the tears we would cry, or the times we wanted to give up. And that’s probably a good thing. How many of us would pursue something we knew would be this hard? Those are not the things that make me pause, look up to heaven, and wonder if I am doing the right thing.

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As Black Entrepreneurs, we must create a community by helping those with the same vision. As Black Entrepreneurs we don’t need another person stepping on our necks. We don’t need another Black Entrepreneur telling us “This won’t work”, or “There is no market for it”, or “The market is saturated.” We need to stop feeling threatened by someone else’s dream. Let’s be better.

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Let’s stop with the crab mentality, pulling each other down. Let’s share our resources, help a business owner navigate the red tape, and encourage each other when it all looks dark and we feel lost.

When do things change in the Black community?

We used to be supporters of businesses in our neighborhood. We referred someone to the best mechanic. We told people about the lawn man. We even shared our favorite recipes and child raising was a community effort.

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We should celebrate our victories and help each other when we stumble and things get hard. Let’s be better! 🎉

In celebrating Black Entrepreneurs Day, let’s think about how the legacy we are building would be so much more powerful if we saw ourselves as mentors and Supporters.

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What if we offered that tip, or gave that helping hand?

We can move from small business owners to world changers.

We can follow others’ social media pages, donate time, money, and resources, offer a helping hand, and pull someone up with us.

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That would be true Entrepreneurship! 🤩

That would be leaving a legacy to be proud of! Let’s be better! 👇🏽

Remember…you can always call your sister 🥰

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