I’ve had a love/hate relationship with my hair from as early as I can remember. There have been tears. 😢 Via is my witness. Tears from both of us. When I was growing up there were very limited options. This meant from ….10-35 yrs of age my hair was processed. I have adorable Curly Sue curls or Black Annie. I indulged in my curls during middle school and part of high school, but for the most part, I used products to tame my hair and not in a healthy way. I processed my hair, used heat, and went to the salon on the regular. Then 2020 happened. I contemplated going natural. I was working at home and everything was locked down. Who cares how unruly my hair looks? I dyed my hair blue too (with safer, organic ingredients).

My hair pre 2020

I have never had an issue with self-confidence. Yes, I have my down days where my confidence is low, who doesn’t? For the most part, I don’t need reassurance for my self-worth or sheer awesomeness. I am a fierce, beautiful creature. And so are you! I felt incredible after I started wearing my hair naturally A goddess of curls and deep conditioning. I accessorized with scarfs and enjoyed seeing my hair consistently healthy. This was a journey!

Anyone who says natural hair products are inexpensive is sadly mistaken. I spend just as much taking care of my hair as I did before. It’s more low maintenance, which makes dashing out the door when I am running late much easier. Hair products no matter the transformation cost just as much. The first products I used dried out my hair and my soft curls turned brittle hours after conditioning treatments. Looking at the ingredient list was key. Alcohol dries out my hair and the majority of products for natural hairstyles include ingredients that strip the moisture from your hair.

My blue hair, and beginning curls!
My curls getting healthier each day!

I researched and watched dozens of YouTube videos. I eventually found products that worked after tirelessly searching Google like a boss.

woman holding book
Photo by Polina Zimmerman on Pexels.com

I learned about porosity, my curl type, and the products that would make my curls shine the best! I felt like I was in school. In practicing these methods, my curls evolved and I can’t imagine processing my hair! I encourage you to dive in and take your ‘hair’ leap. You are not your hair. Color your tresses, cut them, embrace a natural look, buy a colorful wig! I feel empowered each day and finally know my hair does not define me. If any of this sounds like you, know that it does not have to define you either. I hope I inspired you to slap fear in the face and make a leap!

My gorgeous curls now. 💋

Have you had a hair journey the best few years? What do you think of my selfies? Comment your opinions below! Remember, you can always call your sister! 💕

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