December 1, 1984 was the day my world exploded with beauty and grace. I found myself staring at the most beautiful girl in the world – in my world anyway. I knew I would never be the same woman. In that instant, I caught a glimpse of this incredible person that I held in my arms. This little 6lb10oz bundle had come into my life to challenge me, to try my patience, and to expand my capacity to love. She was given to me so I could become better.

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She has inspired, surprised, and amazed me. Char and her brother had a bond that continues even with his passing. He showed her how a brother protects, teases, aggravates, and loves. He knew exactly what she was saying and what she needed….better than me sometimes. She can make me laugh with an expression. She can bring me to tears with her love and compassion. She has grown into this incredibly strong and fierce woman.

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She is capable.

A dreamer and a loyal confidant.

She showed me how to step back and allow her to explore the world. My daughter was never the sit-at-home, looking-cute girl. She is the princess who scooped up tadpoles for her brother. My princess rode on the hood of a moving car and fell off, while she was visiting family. I wasn’t present. My princess broke her elbow trying to skate. My princess fought off a potential attacker, with the power of her voice.

We lost loved ones; my mother. Her mam-maw. My husband. Her dad.


My son. Her brother. We have clung to each other through the worst possible grief. We celebrated her graduation, my graduation. We both cried when she left every summer for Upward Bound and when she left for college. We moved 600 miles away to have a better life. We started an online blog and formed a sisterhood.

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Everyone God has bought into my life has enriched me and taught me so much about myself. My journey with my daughter is by far the most enriching. I am immensely thankful to God for the gift of my daughter.

Sisters, I encourage you to build a strong, lasting relationship with your daughter(s). It doesn’t matter if it is a daughter you birthed or a daughter you ‘mother’. Create a bond, a friendship, a memory that will last long past your time here.

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Let’s create a legacy for our daughters that inspires them and propel them toward their destiny. Let’s show our daughters the strength in our hearts, our stride that draws attention, and our voices that raise nations.

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