Are you ready for some FOOTBALL 🏈?!

I LOVE LOVE FOOTBALL! One of my Fall favorites is the start of football season. I am a BIG Denver Broncos fan and quiet as it’s kept I am also a fan of the Dallas Cowboys, and Kansas City Chiefs.

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I love college football too! I have coached my son in Pee-wee football, and I have assisted my son when he coached 8-man football. When I was younger, I wanted to play football. This was before women were allowed to play unless you were a cheerleader. πŸ˜‚

My friends and family all know they lose me on Monday and Thursday nights, all day Saturday and Sunday from September to February. I don’t text, talk on the phone, or do anything when a game is on. I am true to it!

My dream now is to coach football! I dream of being an offensive coach, calling a clutch play on 3rd and 15 on the opponent’s 20-yard line, with 30 seconds on the clock, in the 4th quarter. What to do? What to do? Do I trust my QB to throw a strike to an open receiver? Do I play it safe and go for the 1st down with a running play? Can my running back get the yards needed?

Okay, for my sisters that aren’t into football—I’m sorry 😐. I encourage you to find your Fall Fave and enjoy the changing season.I was a tomboy growing up. The start of school signaled the start of football. My friends would get together every Saturday for Flag football. I was always on the field. Kids that didn’t like each other came together to play football. This was a friendship! Football became the cornerstone for Fall in my mind.

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It hinted at upcoming holidays; Thanksgiving πŸ¦ƒ, my birthday πŸ₯³ (it’s in November), Christmas πŸŽ„, and a brand New Year.

Sisters, let’s take a moment to experience this season of our lives. Let’s reflect on how far we have come since last Fall. Let’s breathe in the crisp air and remember how awesome and amazing we are. This is our calm before the storm. Most holidays are tense, stressful, and draining. Take this time that God has given us to reflect, refresh, and renew our minds, our bodies, and our spirits.

Happy Fall Y’all. Remember, you can always call your sister!πŸ’•

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