Hello, my sisters. I want to share my ideas for a Celebration of Praise.

Christmas has come to mean many things to many people. For some, it’s quality time with family and friends. For others, it is gift-giving. For some acts of kindness get them in the Christmas mood. Often amidst all the commotion we don’t celebrate ourselves. For me, I will celebrate with praise and gratitude.

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Here are a few things I will celebrate. This will be a guide for you to use to celebrate and praise. I will celebrate how I am not the same woman I was at the beginning of this year. I took control of my physical and mental health. I will celebrate working on living for my children, not dying for them. I will give praise for the goodness of God. I will praise growing closer to Him.

I will praise how my faith has increased. “I am truly a new creation in Christ”. I will praise being free of fear. What can you give praise for? I will Celebrate and Praise God for He is faithful. His promises are “ YES and Amen”. His “mercies are new every morning.” I will Celebrate and Praise God for the challenges of the New Year and the Victories because God is good!

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I encourage the sisterhood to get caught up in this year’s praiseworthy moments.

I want you to celebrate every time the light stayed green and you went safely through the intersection.

I want you to celebrate every day that your children, your mate, and you came home safe.

Celebrate that your finances were enough for THIS year.

Celebrate how you are stronger, braver, more confident, and beautiful.

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Celebrate that the butterfly in you is about to emerge. You and I are awesome and wonderfully made.

That alone is a reason to CELEBRATE 🎉🎈!

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Maybe, don’t celebrate this hard ^ 😂

Keep moving forward. Keep loving the life you have while making it the life you deserve.

Most of all, sisters keep loving you!

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