America is one of the richest countries on Earth. Having said that, why are 582,462 people homeless? ( Why do 44 million people in the US face hunger, which includes 1 in 5 children? ( Think about it… someone’s baby, child, or teen will go to sleep without a meal!

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Food and housing should be a Right as a Human Being. This is no longer a problem for THEM. It is our problem. Mine. Yours. Theirs. Ours and THEM. People are homeless for various reasons. I want to talk about some reasons you may not have thought about. How about losing a job; or the death of a spouse?

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Think about how ending the stimulus packages and taking away the eviction restrictions affected people.

REAL people.

What about the cuts to SNAP and Medicaid/Medicare? Older adults without family? Young adults with children? Those who work 12-15 or more hours each day. Their paycheck won’t cover the rent.

I realized this week that all good intentions mean nothing when you have no place to lay your head, or you haven’t eaten in five days. I can’t solve the problem of homelessness and hunger alone, but I can help one person. I can volunteer at a shelter/food bank or soup kitchen. I can pass out toiletries, school supplies, warm hats, and gloves.



There was a man, not very educated, but determined, and hard-working who bought into the American dream. He came from a very poor broken home that was tolerated for too long. This man wanted to serve his country, but he was denied. He decided to join Law Enforcement, but he was denied. He was told he would amount to nothing. He was told poverty, drugs, debt, and an early death was all he could look forward to. He got a job as a janitor with a large corporation. He started at a time when companies rewarded hard work. In a few years, he moved through the company and was promoted to upper management.

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His friends were corporate leaders, millionaires, well-known pastors, and Christians. He had lasting relationships and friendships, but none of them realized how he suffered. None of them offered the help he so badly needed. This man slept on the floor of a neighbor’s home. He had never had a bed of his own. He wore second-hand clothes and shoes given to him by his wealthy friends.

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This man believed this was the best he could expect. One day someone who really understood the basic principles of Faith helped him stand, helped him find the MAN that was hidden inside.

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My rant is this….WHY in a country that has such wealth was this man not seen? 😫

Why do people who claim to love a Sovereign God not see someone in their own midst?

Why are millionaires content to give hand-me-downs instead of a hand-up?

I am so disappointed in myself, my neighbors, and my friends, but especially my brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ. We all have to do Better. We are Better. We have to be Better. If a country as wealthy as America cannot house and feed its own, what a sad legacy we are leaving for the future.

Remember…you can always call your sister! 💕

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