When was the last time you celebrated YOU?

I mean…. really celebrated your accomplishments? I have a “Compliment Box” on my desk for work. When I’m having an awful day I look through it and am reminded of the compliments clients have given me. It celebrates me in those β€œkudo” moments and reminds me of my awesomeness. The last time I celebrated me was recently. 12/1 was my birthday and I celebrated by luxuriating in self-care, being social with friends, and getting dolled up.

It’s important to celebrate the wins no matter what they are. In June Via and I celebrated the events we let lapse. We didn’t celebrate getting our LLC, my new PT job, our online store, or getting featured on two podcasts! That’s a lot of celebrating we had to catch up on! We celebrated at Dave & Buster’s with drinks and yummy food. I celebrated with a new tattoo and a day at the spa.

selective focus photography of candles
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There are no rules for celebrating. Did you forget to celebrate that promotion you received six months ago?

Celebrate now!

Couldn’t get a babysitter for your third anniversary?

Celebrate now!

There is no deadline for celebrating you!

There are no rules either!

Celebrate in whatever way feels appropriate and safe. I like to ask myself β€œWhat would make your day perfect?” And the answer results in my favorite activities. I miss the moments of celebrating and enjoying it with shame. I think we should get back to that.

selective focus photography of spark
Photo by Malte Luk on Pexels.com

Embracing our accomplishments and us!

There’s time left in 2023!

Celebrate you before the month ends! πŸ’‹

Remember….you can always call your sister πŸ’•

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