What my emotional wellness journey looks like.

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One thing is for sure, how I stay emotionally well may differ from yours….and that’s ok. I challenged my sisters to take 8.5 minutes every day for 1 week to purposely and with intent to do something just for you. It’s just for five days. I am taking this week. Yesterday I listened to gospel music. 

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Finding a way to become someone better needs to be a priority. 

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We get busy with the demands of life and put ourselves on the back burner. We are just as important as the people we care about, work with, and love. Today, I will use my 8.5 minutes to remind myself how awesome I am. The Bible says we are fearfully and awesomely made. On day 6 of creation, God looked at all that He had made and declared it good! I am awesome! I am a fierce femme! I am good!

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