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Surviving the chaos of the holidays. What? There is chaos connected with the holidays?

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I used to handle the chaos of the holidays by using the Ostrich Effect. I would emotionally stick my head in the sand and pretend like nothing was wrong. I would run around trying to find the perfect gifts for family and friends. I would stand in long lines at the end of a long workday to get the best deal. I would hunt for just the right gift for a boss or a secret Santa.

There were moments in the chaos that absolutely took my breath away. Moments when my daughters and I are baking in the kitchen together. Moments that make me smile, like the Salvation Army Bell Ringers, and Christmas parades seen through the eyes of a child. The awesome significance of what the holiday really represents. For unto us a child is born, to us a son is given…. Isaiah 9:6.

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It is more important to create lasting memories that bring joy than to have the best-decorated house on the block. It is more important to be an instrument of Peace on Earth than being the life of the party. It is more important to be surrounded by people who are genuine and loving than it is to have people that bring chaos and drama.

Christmas 2021

This season I will survive the chaos by finding my Peace.

I will move through the chaos by showing Goodwill to man.

I will navigate the chaos by seeking Jesus, the reason for the season.

I will reach out to those I trust so I don’t have to bear the burden alone.

I will rest when I need to rest.

I will take a Time-Out when I am emotionally drained.

I will use available resources in my community, so I don’t get overwhelmed.

Sisters, let’s encourage each other to lean on each other and to seek the help that is there for us.

Remember you can ALWAYS call your sister! 💕

Click here to view nationally recognized organizations that help during this time of year.

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