All the December feels.

When I came up with the subject of self-care through holiday chaos, I did not know how impactful it would be for my life. I recently jumped full-time into the entrepreneurial life. This has always been my dream, working for myself. The shock of it being a reality exhilarates me, but also makes my nerves, ask “what are you doing?” 😅

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When I am not at work I ignore time and just live my life, time management was the first obstacle I knew I needed to tackle. I blocked my daily schedule in sections to keep me organized. I smiled like a kid when I scheduled “Lunch Break”. 🌯

I am really grateful Via and I have scheduled events on the light side for the end of 2022. I am running my website for this blog and a mental wellness website. This makes me excited for 2023. How am I handling this dive into being an entrepreneur?

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Like everything else. A day at a time. Staying focused. Continuing my regular routines and being gentle with myself. Practicing self-care and doing more if I feel overwhelmed. Thursday I received bad news, and I had to process my feelings.

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I knew mentally I could not handle anything besides self-care and rest. That is what I did. I tried to feel bad for taking care of myself, but I kept saying to myself “YOU matter, protect/listen/carve“. Holiday chaos will ensue, or as I say “life be life-ing”. Don’t forget the core of what you need and remember….you can always call your sister. 🥰💋

Self-care tips >here.

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